Welcome to Hochkönig in Motion, the brand-new winter sports event in Maria Alm!
We are so pleased to be able to offer fans of ski-touring a totally unique ski-touring race.  Sprint distances which, in just a brief span of time, demand that athletes give it everything they’ve got!

Add to that, an atmosphere alongside the route that is simply incredible: Spectators in the Event Arena can watch all of the race as it unfolds!

At the subsequent After-Race Party on the stage in the finish area, every starter will receive the acclaim they deserve.

Andi Ringhofer talks about the new sprint races:
"As an athlete, it’s always great when you are surrounded by fans. So often, ski-touring races are held far away from the spectators. I hope that the Arena in Maria Alm will be boiling over with excitement. And you know, all the way along the course, the racers will be able to sense that the fans are watching and rooting for them.
It’s a real source of motivation, something that affects every competitor. And as for the spectators, this race is certain to be a giant spectacle with lots of action! I can’t wait !“ 

Bericht Hochkönig in Motion 2009

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